A few words about us

About us

Sof-Stx Concepts is an evolving enterprise. Originally, we made only double ended sticks, and a double edged dagger. Over the years, more and more input from both our satisfied and dis-satisfied customers encouraged us to add many different models to our product line.

I'd like to thank Guru Dan for the initial inspiration. We were talking after a seminar in Atlanta, and I was kidding about how badly mauled our hands were going to be in another ten years. He mentioned that a fellow in Australia had made some soft sticks to save hands and fingers. Well, 24 hours later we had the first prototype and knew we were on the right track. I'd also like to thank Sifu Francis Fong. Whenever I would show him a new soft weapon, he would immediatly try it out; usually on me or one of the seniors still in the training hall. I want to thank all of ya'll out there who have continued to support us, many kind folks have helped considerably. Special thanks to Rey Galang, who has been an inspiration and counselor for many years, and was the first person to add us to his web site. He gets the blessing for sure.

We'll continue to edit "about us", and try to fill in all the spaces. God Bless all of you. Thanks for visiting and please be sure to keep in touch, whether you purchase or not. We hope to incorporate lots of interesting things into this site, and look forward to hearing from you. Remember...we'll try to make anything within reason.

Peace and Love, David, and the rest of the folks at Sof-Stx Concepts.